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Leading law firms and companies use our expertise in the life sciences arena to perform biosequence.

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Harbor Consulting IP Services, Inc. is a dedicated leader in the fields of biotechnical and pharmaceutical.

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Welcome To Harbor Consulting IP Services, Inc.

Harbor Consulting IP Services, Inc. is a dedicated leader in the intellectual property industry committed to providing excellent service to our clients.  It is our mission to assist law firm, in-house and sole practitioner patent attorneys/agents with various aspects of their practices by leveraging and utilizing our vast experience and expertise in the industry.

Our obligation, as experts in our field, is to support our clients by efficiently producing high quality and accurate Sequence Listings and supporting documents, as well as develop complicated search strategies in order to obtain comprehensive sequence, full text, and small molecule search results from various complex databases.  

Our business model centers on the basic philosophies of teamwork, commitment, accuracy, quality, efficiency, accessibility, innovation, and charitable giving.  Quite simply - our clients will know we work hard to provide accurate, timely results while keeping their best interests in mind;  our employees will know we're a team that supports, encourages and respects one another;  and our community will know we're dedicated to continuing our long standing tradition of supporting those in need.

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