Dana Farber/Jimmy Fund Sponsorship

Harbor Consulting IP Services, Inc. Charitable Fund
Proud Sponsor of Three Dana Farber/Jimmy Fund Events

Harbor Consulting IP Services, Inc. (“HCIP”) is proud to announce that the company has established the Harbor Consulting IP Services, Inc. Charitable Fund (“the Fund”) at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (“DFCI”) in support of DFCI’s ongoing cancer research, treatment, and patient care. Following HCIP’s involvement with DFCI’s Gene Display Wall and Vitals Bay sponsorship programs, creating the Fund extends HCIP’s longstanding commitment to DFCI’s ongoing efforts to eradicate cancer.

Under the terms of the agreement, HCIP has agreed to sponsor various annual Jimmy Fund events and programs from 2013-2016, as well as to establish the charitable Fund for unrestricted purposes to use as DFCI sees fit. HCIP’s sponsorships for 2013 include the Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk, the Jimmy Fund Golf Program, and The Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl.


Jimmy Fund Golf Program

Jimmy Fund Golf consists of over 160 annual tournaments in which hundreds of volunteer tournament organizers and thousands of golfers come together to unite their passions for golf and being involved with raising money for a cause.

The Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl®file 289

The Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl is the nations largest all you can eat ice cream festival, which since beginning in 1983 has raised millions for cancer care and research, while also bringing people together to enjoy a sweet treat.

Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walkfile 290

The Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk has raised over 80 million for cancer research since it began 23 years ago. The walk allows participants to follow the famous Boston Marathon route while connecting with others in support of the Jimmy Fund and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.