WIPO ST.26 Update

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Tara Rix
Friday Oct 26th, 2018
Move over politics, IP is in town! Please stop by Booth #22 to learn more about the latest developments to the new WIPO Standard, ST.26. We are also available to answer questions about current Sequence Listing rules, Sequence and Text Prior Art Searches, and other services we offer. We look forward to meeting with you!

ST.26 2018 Update

Katie Henderson
Friday Oct 5th, 2018
Progress has continued on the finalization and implementation of ST.26.

From May 29th to June 2nd, 2017, the Committee of WIPO Standards (CWS) met to further discuss the now adopted Standard, with their attention refocused on its effectiveness and the transition period for implementing the new guidelines.

Prior to this meeting, minor revisions were made to the standard based on public consultations carried out by the USPTO, EPO and JPO. These revisions included:
• clarification of PNA/variant sequences,
• the addition of an exemplary guidance document, and
• the finalized controlled vocabulary for the feature tables.

During the meeting, the CWS adopted the revised standard and agreed to re-focus their attention to the transition from ST.25 to ST.26, hypothetically taking place in 2022. In addition to this, the task force will assist the International Bureau with ST.26 software that will be provided for the preparation and validation of XML Sequence Listings with the goal being to complete the development this year.

The CWS will meet again in mid-October to discuss the progress and next steps forward. Please visit our website for regular updates.

WIPO Standard ST.26 Update

Friday Oct 28th, 2016
On Thursday, October 27th, 2016, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce published a Notice in the Federal Register / Vol. 81, No. 208 titled "Standard ST.26 - Request for Comments on the Recommended Standard for the Presentation of Nucleotide and Amino Acid Sequence Listings Using XML (eXtensible Markup Language)".

New Year, New Standard?

Thursday Mar 5th, 2015
Will 2015 be the year that the new Sequence Listing standard (WIPO ST.26) goes into effect? It all depends on whether or not the Task Force, lead by the EPO, is able to provide a solution to the transitional aspect of enacting the standard.

The What, When and How of ST.26

Monday Sep 8th, 2014
To date, our discussion has been focused on the status updates of the new Sequence Listing standard, deemed ST.26. We have followed its proposal, drafting and adoption, and continue to follow its implementation and transition into the new, exclusive Sequence Listing standard.

ST.26 Update

Sunday Jun 1st, 2014
As scheduled, the Committee of WIPO Standards met from May 12th through 16th to discuss, amongst other things, the adoption of the proposed ST.26 standard.

ST.26 Update

Tuesday May 6th, 2014
Nearly two years have passed since members of our community (us included) reviewed and provided comments on the proposed new Sequence Listing Standard, deemed ST.26.