ST.26 Update

ST.26 Update

Tuesday May 6th, 2014

Nearly two years have passed since members of our community (us included) reviewed and provided comments on the proposed new Sequence Listing Standard, deemed ST.26. So much time has passed without published updates from the patent offices' that for many the new standard has become "out of sight, out of mind," information. But don't let it slip too far to the back of your mind, because the revised standard IS coming!

Over the past couple of years, the EPO, USPTO and WIPO have provided little information regarding to the status of the new standard. However, the Sequence Listing task force has been working continuously since comments were submitted to address the public's concerns. The goal is still to replace the current Sequence Listing standards with a revised XML focused version in the future.

Summaries of the "Meeting of International Authorities under the PCT-Twenty-First Session" and "PCT Working Group" released in the first quarter of this year indicate the following:

  • A new draft of the standard has been drafted, taking into account public comments and input from database providers, which is being reviewed internally by members of the task force.
  • It is expected that the final standard will be released to WIPO for adoption at the 4th Session of the Committee of WIPO Standards (CWS).
  • An additional round of discussion will begin to address the transition from ST.25 to ST.26.